Royal Meat Company has been operating in the meat industry since 2004.

Our company produces kebabs, burgers and different roasted products from poultry and beef.

Since September 2012, we have operated in our new constructed plant in Kopytów near Warsaw. It is one of the most modern kebab and burger production plants in Europe. Here we produce the highest quality products in full compliance with the most demanding regulations. 

With passionately    produce kebabs and burgers to the highest standards of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines using our unique recipes which include carefully selected herbs and spices.

The chicken and beef meat used for production comes from selected slaughterhouses and goes through our own deboning process.

With great dedication, we introduce innovative production processes using the latest technological lines and machines that enable us to manufacture our products while respecting the natural environment and conserving energy.

We have international quality certificates IFS and BRC.